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LeDAB - Open Blast Extraction Vs. Closed Column Pressurized Extraction.

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At LeDAB we offer a wide range of products, for everyone from beginners to experts. One of the most common questions that we are asked by our customers is about the difference between Open Blast extractors (OBEs) and Closed Column extractors (CCEs). While the fundamental process of using temperature and pressure to strip compounds away from plant matter remains the same, Open Blast extracting is generally considered an easier process, and therefore geared more towards beginners.

Most obviously, the parts of the extractors are different. Whereas the top and bottom of an open blast extractor will respectively look like this:


(1.5” OBE Top Cap)

1.5" Tri-Clamp Ferrule

(1.5” OBE Bottom Cap)

The top and bottom of a closed column extractor look like this:


(1.5” CCE Top Cap)


(1.5” CCE Bottom Cap)

Open blasting is the simplest form of extraction – just fill the column with plant material, put the cap on the column, and blast through the top. You’ll be able to watch your extraction pour from the bottom of the column.

A closed column pressurized extractor can be sealed at the top and bottom. Once filled and sealed, the extractor can be further cooled. As well, because the column is closed, the pressure from the blast is not immediately lost, and the material in the column can ‘soak’ before the extraction takes place. More solvents can then be added to increase the pressure inside the column, and therefore create a more powerful blast. Users of closed column extractors report a slightly higher yield in their final products for these reasons. Another difference between CCEs and OBEs is that a CCE user can control the flow of their extraction, whereas the OBE user cannot.

Ultimately, choosing a method of (and system for) extraction comes down to the user’s preferences. For an easier time with rudimentary, non-mechanical parts, OBEs offer a simpler, quicker process; for a slightly more thorough and complex process, and a slightly improved yield, Closed Column Extractors give users more control and options.

Whatever you need to complete your extractions, LeDAB has you covered. We have offered exceptional customer service, great value, and the best quality products to Canadians since 2014.

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