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5 Gallon Resinator Resin Collection Bags

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5 Gallon Resin Collection Bags

Resin Collection methods are well developed these days, with a number of techniques that can serve for very small batches. However, even for small batches, but definitely up to large and very large batches you need the highest quality resin (rosin) collection bags. Ours come in six different micron sizes: 200/150/100/75/50/25 and either 1/4" or 1/2" Mesh. 5 gallon Resin Collection Bags can process up to 1lb of material at a time independently, and even more with the help of the Resinator. Collect H20 extraction with precision and ease. Our vinyl side walls are durable and easy to clean.

While other extraction bags clog, the extra monofilament on the bottom rim of our bags helps water drain faster when extracted material begins to clump. Our industrial material and design are of superior quality. Best lowest price for very high quality bag.