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PTFE Sheets

  • Bulk Oil Slick® Sheet PTFE Rolls

    Bulk Oil Slick® Sheet PTFE Rolls

    BULK OIL SLICK® SHEET PTFE ROLLS BULK rolls of Slick Sheet save you a ton of money and reduces waste from trimming and cutting.  Line vacuum ovens, extraction vessels, pour off area with Slick Sheet PTFE and save tons of time. A disposable...

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  • Oil Slick® Clear FEP Sheets - 50 Pack

    Oil Slick® Clear FEP Sheets - 50 Pack Introducing the Oil Slick CLEAR.  Another game changer in concentrate packaging. Terpene proof, completely transparent, and more nonstick than traditional PTFE; these are guaranteed to make your...

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  • PTFE Sheets 100/pk - (4" x 4")

    PTFE Sheets 100/pk - (4" x 4") Virgin 4" x 4" x .07mm Thickness 100 pack of PTFE sheets are the perfect solution for dealing with essentials oils. Almost no oil residue will be lost while using these sheets because nothing is able to stick to them...

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  • Non-Stick Virgin PTFE Sheets

    Non-Stick Virgin PTFE Sheets These are the Best Value Vacs Terpene Proof Virgin PTFE Sheets that will elevate your extracts and reduce the amount of loss and cross-contamination of product. These sheets are resistant to almost any solvent and chemical...

    CAD 26.28
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