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ECO Friendly Garden Bed Kit

CAD 999.95
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LeDAB ECO Friendly Garden Bed


Our all new Growing Equipment product the "LeDAB Eco Friendly Garden Bed" is the excellent bedding kit for your home garden or for your indoor pots. This introductory format is ideal for 2' x 4' Garden bed with a depth of 3 inches.


This kit allows for all the water runoff to be filtered before leaching into the soil below the bed and boast tremendous water absorption rates.


This kit includes

- (2) x (3' x 5') landscape mesh

- (1) x 10KG CRX

- (1) x 10KG CRY

- (1) x 5KG Alumina

- (1) x 500g silica

- (1) x 500g T41

- (1) x 100g Activated Charcoal