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Harvest Right Pharmaceutical Freeze Dryer (Stainless Steel)- FREE SHIPPING

CAD 3,999.95
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Standard 7CFM Vacuum Pump
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Harvest Right™ Pharmaceutical Freeze Dryer W/Standard Harvest Right Vacuum Pump

Patented technology keeps the product fresh, and preserves the potency, color, shape and nutrition of any organic material.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Has built in intelligence. It automatically and perfectly manages the freeze-drying process.
  • The ideal vacuum pressure and drying temperature is maintained for each material preserves freshness and potency.
  • Vacuum pump: Oil pump is included. Each vacuum pump has been factory tested to guarantee 25 microns (25,400 Microns = 1 Inch of Hg) or better, and listed CFM performance.
  • Small freeze dryer has 5 TRAYS 3.75 sq. ft. tray space (each tray 7.75″ W x 14″ L x 0.75″ H) and 3 LITERS OF ICE CAPACITY.
  • Medium comes with 7 TRAYS 6.5 sq. ft. tray space (each tray 7.5″ W x 18″ L x 0.75″ H) and 4 LITERS OF ICE CAPACITY.
  • Large dryer has 8 TRAYS 10.25 sq. ft. tray space (each tray 9″ W x 20.5″ x 0.75″ H) and 6 LITERS OF ICE CAPACITY.


110 volt outlet and For Large 110 volt (NEMA 5-20) outlet and dedicated 20 amp circuit is required.





3 year manufacturer warranty


  • Overall product dimensions: Small (16.5” W x 18.5” L x 25” H), Medium (18″ W x 21.25″ D x 28.5″ H) 133 lbs. and Large (20.25″ W x 23.75″ D x 30.75″ H) 161 lbs.
  • Perfect for a countertop, cart or table.

Shipping Info:

The freeze dryer ships in one package with a total weight of Small ( 139 lbs.), Medium ( 221 lbs.) and Item will be delivered to physical addresses, no PO boxes, they just don’t fit.
One freeze dryer package: Small (26”W x 36”D x 41”H), Medium (26″W x 36″D x 45″H.) and Large (29″W x 38″D x 48″H) 253 lbs.           



Vacuum Pump Maintenance:

Simply filter and replace oil (Takes one or two minutes).

Oil Changes:
This new Industrial Pump rarely needs to have the oil changed or filtered. The pump has a gas ballast feature that makes it so water does not stay in the oil. Because of this, the oil in the pump will be pristine and clear, even after 30 or more batches. You simply won’t need to change the oil until you have run 25 to 40 batches. Whereas, the oil in the standard vacuum pump needs to be changed and filtered every 4 or 5 batches (when using the new 3/8 inch vacuum hose).

Vacuum Pump Technical Specifications:

  • CFM: 7.2
  • Motor: 3/4 HP, 1725 RPM
  • Voltage: Standard 115V 60Hz
  • Plug: US 110V
  • Intake Port: 3/4 JIC flare
  • Intake Port: 21 oz. (680 cc)
  • Dimensions: 10 1/2” H x 16” D x 5 3/4” W
  • Weight: 35 lbs.

Vacuum Pressure:
Under cold and hot conditions the Industrial Pump will pull a deeper vacuum than the Standard Pump. Under cold conditions the difference is .05 Pascal for the Industrial Pump and .08 Pascal for the Standard Pump. Whereas, under warm conditions the difference is much greater: .05 Pascal for the Industrial Pump and 2.05 Pascal for the Standard Pump.
Hence, the Industrial Pump is especially not affected by warm, ambient conditions. When temperatures rise, it will pull a vacuum far better than the Standard Pump. The Industrial Pump is just not affected by outside heat. It pulls the same deep vacuum even when it is in a warm environment.

Industrial Grade Design:

  • High quality, super high vacuum
  • High evacuation performance
  • Light, fast, energy efficient

The Industrial Pump is substantially quieter than the Standard Pump, 52 decibels versus 64 decibels. The Industrial Pump at 52 decibels is about the same as a refrigerator.

Oil Mist Filter:
Both pumps come with an oil mist filter. However, the Industrial Pump’s oil mist filter allows for no oil spray at all and it will last much longer.

Power Use:
The Industrial Pump uses less power than the Standard Pump (187 watts versus 218 watts).

Under hot conditions at ultimate vacuum pressure the Standard Pump pulls 2.1 amps while the Industrial Pump only pulls 1.7 amps. Hence, the Industrial Pump is more efficient.

The Industrial Pump is easier to move around as it weighs 5 pounds less than the Standard Pump (32 lbs. versus 37 lbs.)

The Industrial Pump is more durable and will last longer than the Standard Pump.

Note: This Item Will Be Shipped By Freight So Please Select Freight Option Which Apply. (30 Day Limited Warranty: after this time period, any warranty issues must be resolved with the end supplier).


** Download User Manual (Harvest Right's Freeze Dryer) **

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  • 5
    Harvest Right

    Posted by Duff Grower on Feb 2nd 2021

    Great deal on a great machine shipped as fast as I could ask. Awesome experience start to finish.

  • 5

    Posted by PHARMACEUTICAL FREEZE DRYER on Feb 1st 2021


  • 5
    Freeze dryer

    Posted by Pete on May 6th 2019

    Absolutely love this machine. Ledab was super professional - highly recommend!