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Master Vapor - 60PSI (6CFM ) Explosion Proof Recovery Pump

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Mastor Vapor Pumps MVP-6CFM Vapor Recovery Pump is designed for hydrocarbon extraction processing. The Dual-Diaphragm pump is electrically powered by an explosion-proof motor. It is built with stainless steel wetted parts and has a max allowable working pressure of 350 PSI. Each unit is certified and made in the USA. 

Performance Factoids:

  • Recover LP-Gas vapor at over 6CFM (cubic feet per minute)
  • Recover butane at up to 1 LB/Min (pounds per minute)
  • Recover and recondense butane at over 12 GPH (gallons per hour)
  • Maximum pumping outlet pressure: 60 PSI (4.1 bar) continuous, 70 PSI (4.8 bar) intermittent
  • Maximum pumping inlet vacuum produced: 27 InHg (0.91 bar)
  • Maximum pumping speed: 190 CPM (cycles per minute)
  • Pump static withstand pressure rating: MAWP 350 PSI (24 bar)
  • Materials: pressure section: stainless steel; diaphragms: FKM; reed valves: stainless steel
  • Optional PTFE diaphragms kit available
  • Process gas temperature range: FKM -40-275F (-40-135C); PTFE +40-220F (4-104C)
  • Recommended FKM replacement schedule: every 1000 hours running time
  • Air temperature range for motor/gearbox operation: 32-104F(0-40C)

Pump Head Charge:

  • Motor is coupled to diaphragms with patented gas pressure charged chamber
  • Pumping outlet pressure runs about 10 PSI lower than the charge gas pressure level
  • Non-reactive CO2 gas is used to charge the pump head
  • CO2 gas is safer than air for driving the pump
  • CO2 gas is non-flammable and non-explosive with LPG (should a diaphragm ever leak)
  • CO2 gas regulator with gauges is provided with pump assembly
  • CO2 tank is operator provided (cannot ship filled tanks) - from any welding supply store
  • Pump charge gas supply: standard (#20) 5 LB tank of industrail CO2
  • Typical CO2 gas usage: <0.2 SCFH (very little); estimated life of charge gas tank: 1 year
  • Pump charge gas pressure range: continuous 5 to 70 PSI (1.4 to 5.5 bar); to 80 PSI intermittent

Electrical and Mechanical:

  • Electric motor: explosion proof for C1D1 hazardous areas; rated Class I Gr C & D, Class II Gr F&G
  • Electric motor: 1 HP, 1800 RPM, 60 Hz
  • Motor option: Model MVP-6CFM-1PH: Single-phase: 115/208-230V, 13.4/6.7 FLA (full load amps)
  • Motor option: Model MVP-6CFM-3PH: Three-phase: 208-230/460V, 3.3/1.65 FLA, Inverter-rated
  • Pump Speed: 190 CPM (cycles per minute) at 60 Hz
  • Noise: sound pressure measured 1 meter from pump: 80.5 dBa
  • Porting: process inlet and outlet: 1/2" JIC-male
  • Added ports for optional pressure gauges: inlet and outlet: 1/4" FNPT
  • Inlet & outlet ports at ideal equipment connections heights 46" and 41" above floor
  • Size: 17.0" x 19.9" x 46" tall; minimum use of valuable floor space
  • Weight: 182.5 lb. (82.8 kg)

(30 Day Limited Warranty: after this time period, any warranty issues must be resolved with the end supplier).