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DIY How To Terpene Infused Candles (video)

Alexa Muraca is Common Ground Candles.

She shares her methods in two videos

1. a short 2 min text version and

2. in a more comprehensive 8 min version by Alexa herself (down below)

Five Key Steps For Terpene Infused Candles.

Helpful tips are provided in videos*

1. Choose your containers and weigh your wax according to the size of your choice.

2. Add the wick to your container using tape while you wait for your wax to heat to 160F.

3. Mix well until wax is all melted and homogenous.

4. Let wax cool to 120F before pouring in your terpene.

5. Let your candle set and cure for 24 hours.

A more comprehensive guide with bonus tips in this 8 minute video.

Support Alexa through her ETSY store by clicking HERE.

Follow her on Instagram @commongroundcandles