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Oil Slick®

  • Bulk Oil Slick® Sheet PTFE Rolls

    Bulk Oil Slick® Sheet PTFE Rolls

    BULK OIL SLICK® SHEET PTFE ROLLS BULK rolls of Slick Sheet save you a ton of money and reduces waste from trimming and cutting.  Line vacuum ovens, extraction vessels, pour off area with Slick Sheet PTFE and save tons of time. A disposable...

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    SLICK® SLAB Looking for a solution to a sticky table? Want to cover a work or processing area? Need to show off an entire glass collection? Protect your glass tools, and reclaim lost concentrates. Handle the stickiest extracts with ease, and...

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  • Oil Slick® Paper

    Oil Slick® Paper Best Value Vacs Presents Oil Slick® Paper in 10" x 10" Pre-Cut Sheets in a box of 250 papers! This silicone release paper is an excellent option for rosin extraction and dealing with sticky oil extracts. These pre-cut papers...

    CAD 43.80
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  • Oil Slick® Sheet

    Oil Slick® Sheet Best Value Vacs Presents the Oil Slick® Sheet. This Terpene resistant lab grade sheet of PTFE film is non stock and measure 48" Long x 16" Wide. It is completely resistant to non-polar solvents and rated for direct...

    CAD 35.04
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  • Slick® Ball Mini

    Slick® Ball Mini

    SLICK® BALL MINI A tiny version of our best selling Slick® Ball Perfect for storing the stickiest extracts, a simple squeeze and release is all you need to snap the container away from the concentrate within. The Slick Ball Minis concentrate...

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  • Slick® Stack

    Slick® Stack

    Slick® Stack Best Value Vacs Presents the Slick® Stack. These slick silicone cups come in 4 styles and a vibrant assortment of colors. Oil Slick® invented the original silicone container made out of medical grade silicone...

    CAD 35.04
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  • Slick® Ball

    Slick® Ball

    Slick® Ball Best Value Vacs Presents the Oil Slick® Ball. This Silicone Ball Container is the solution to preserving your shatter or extracts. The ball is made out of platinum cured silicone and is the perfect addition to every...

    CAD 30.66
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  • Slick® Pad

    Slick® Pad

    Slick® Pad Best Value Vacs Presents the Oil Slick® Pad. This is the Original Dabbing Pad that made the Oil Slick Company Famous. Made out of Platinum Cured Silicone and highly non-stick allowing the user to recover 100% of their oil...

    CAD 26.28
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    SLICK® DUO For Dabbers on the go, the Slick® Duo is a pair of Slick® Pads the size of an index card. Completely non-stick, Slick® Duo is the perfect surface for handling your precious extracts. 

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