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BVV 37° MJIC Union

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BVV 37° MJIC Union

Best Value Vacs brand stainless steel parts are made with precision 304 Grade Stainless Steel and are clean and free from burrs or debris. These fittings are 37° JIC threads and will create a seal by compressing the flared end against an opposite female/male flared connection. JIC connections do not require thread sealant because they seal off the flared surface of the fitting JIC Fittings are also not the same size as NPT fittings but do have the same size nomenclature. When connecting JIC fittings to one another it is recommended by Best Value Vacs to use 2 wrenches - 1 to tighten the fitting and 1 to hold back against the force applied to create resistance and ensure a better seal.

A MJIC Union allows the user to connect multiple JIC hoses together to their system and use it as a splitter or any other type of extractor accessory with Female JIC ends. This MJIC Union also allows the user to attach different sized Female JIC connectors together. Gas PTFE Tape

Material 304 Stainless Steel
Connection Type(s):              1/4" 37° MJIC (7/16-20)
  3/8" 37° MJIC (9/16-18)
Sizes Available: 1/4" 
  3/8" x 1/4"