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Jacketed Diamond Miner

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Jacketed Diamond Miner

BVV's new Jacketed Diamond Miner provides precise control of your recrystallization procedure. Accelerate your recrystallization process by efficient heating or cooling to the jacketed collection base. Our Jacketed Diamond Miner comes equipped with pressure and temperature gauges for precise vessel monitoring, an ASME-rated pressure relief valve for safe operation, and a 1/4" JIC valve for manual degassing.

Observe your diamonds as they grow from one of the three 1.5" polycarbonate sight glass viewing angles. Once the crystallization is complete, simply depressurize the system and remove the 6" high-pressure clamp to easily harvest your diamonds.


  • 304-grade stainless steel
  • Jacketed base
  • Compound pressure/vacuum gauge
  • Temperature gauge
  • Pressure relief valve (125 PSI)
  • 316 Stainless Steel Degassing Valve with 1/4" Flare Connection
  • Temp Range -40 to 230C
  • High-pressure clamps
  • MAWP: 125psi