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LeDAB PVC Pump Guard (For Wood Working Applications)

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LeDAB PVC Pump Guard

This is a trap that you place in the line between your chamber and vacuum pump.  It is designed to catch any liquid that may come from your chamber. It is especially useful for that distracted moment when you may accidentally allow the foam to rise too fast!  This will catch that liquid and prevent it from getting to your expensive vacuum pump, ruining it.  The Cold Trap DOES NOT eliminate the need to still properly dry your wood as it only traps actual liquid.

Made from nearly indestructible material just like my chamber including clear body to allow you to see when you have resin in the Cold Trap and need to drain it.  It has a convenient drain plug at the lowest point to make draining easy and includes internal deflectors to prevent the resin from "jumping" from the inlet to outlet.

To use, simply cut your vacuum hose between the pump and chamber where you want to install the Cold Trap and push your hose on the included hose barbs.


  • Cold Trap
  • 2 Installed 3/16" Hose Barbs
  • Brass Plug

(30 Day Limited Warranty: after this time period, any warranty issues must be resolved with the end supplier).