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Vacuum Oven Accessories

  • Vacuum Filter Trap Vacuum Filter Trap

    Vacuum Filter Trap

    Vacuum Filter Trap This Vacuum Filter Trap is designed to remove potential contaminants from the vacuum line to prolong lifetime of your pump. Packed with oil-free, stainless-steel SS304 wool and made with a glass jar, the filter trap may optionally be...

    CAD 309.43
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  •  Oven Gaskets

    Oven Gaskets

    Replacement Vacuum Oven Gaskets Silicone Replacement Oven Gaskets for Best Value Vacs Brand Vacuum Ovens. These gaskets are designed with 2 purposes in mind and 1 is high-temperature resistance and creating a positive seal for the vacuum oven. These...

    CAD 116.92
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