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Alumilite Wood Coloring Dyes

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Alumilite Wood Coloring Dyes 

Add a splash of color to your stabilizing! These dyes have been specially formulated to work with the the Alumilite resin to provide deep vibrant and consistent colors. They also are the perfect dye to work with with the Cactus Juice Stabilizing resins, Alumilite Dyes are the preferred colorant system for all your stabilizing needs. These dyes are not actually dyes at all but rather a colorant system made for plastic resins. As a result, they are 100% liquid and will cross link with your Cactus Juice and become part of the cured resin. They are easier to mix than any powdered dyes and there are no solvents or carriers that can affect the chemistry of the Cactus Juice. 

Dyeing Techniques:

Cactus Juice can be dyed when you want to add some color to the material you are stabilizing. For this discussion I will assume wood but the same principles work with any porous material. The best success will be obtained with Alumilite Dyes. They are very concentrated and produce nice, vivid colors that mix and work well with Cactus Juice. Some powdered dyes can work as well but typically have a hard time dissolving thoroughly, leaving a residue in the bottom of the mixing container and on the blanks, sometimes preventing proper uptake of the resin. Alumilite dyes will not affect the cure of the Juice since they are specifically made for use in plastic resins. Be sure to use more dye than you think you need!

There is no formula available to give consistent results from wood to wood. This is due to the way different species and even different pieces of wood within the same log take the dyed Cactus Juice. It is all a matter of trial and error! Stabilizing itself is a science while dying and stabilizing is an art!


Simply add the dye to to the resin and mix well. How much dye will depend on the wood you are stabilizing and the intensity of color you desire. When stabilizing we suggest, going darker than what you think. Remember that you have to penetrate into and go over the natural color of the wood that you are stabilizing. These dyes can also be mixed with each other to produce your own unique colors - or you can custom double dye your blanks for spectacular results.

Use Alumilite dyes to color your casting resins! Dyes can be used in clear resins for translucent castings, with epoxy for dynamic coatings, or in opaque resin for solid, dynamic colors.

  • Consult the Technical Data Sheet to learn which part, A or B, to add dye to
  • Use smallest amount possible to achieve desired color (up to 5%)
  • 1 oz. bottle dispensing tip must be cut prior to dispensing dye

Note: Green translucent dye when added to clear resin often times will shift to a blue color with time. This is due to a shift in hues (yellowing) over time, which in turn causes a shift in color from blue to green. 

Suggested Starting Mix Ratio:  1oz per Gallon
Maximum Loading Ratio, Do Not Exceed:  4oz per Gallon

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  • 5
    Good quality dyes

    Posted by Unknown on Mar 19th 2021

    Good quality dyes