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BVV™ Color Bleach for Edible Oils *FDA & NSF Certified Material (Compares to T-41™)

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BVV Color Bleach T41

Acid Activated Bentonite Clay for Bleaching & Decolorizing Edible Oils.

BVV™ Color Bleach is a filtration aid used in refining and increasing the purity and clarity of the final product. The BVV™ Clay Bleach is composed of a 10:1 ratio of Pure-Flo® Perform 6000 and BVV™ T-1 Hardwood Activated Carbon.  This product is 100% made in the USA, and the components are FDA-GRAS and NSF Certified.  

This is a strongly Acid Activated media and the strong acid will be critical in removing red, purple and blue pigments known as Anthocyanins.  This media can be used in in a Color Remediation Column, or between Short Path Distillation runs with a Hot Scrub, to make your distilled oil clean and more clear. 

  • Excellent metals adsorption characteristics (P, Ca, Fe, Mg, Ni, etc.)
  • Outstanding color, and chlorophyll removal from oil. 
  • Removes soaps and phospholipids
  • Enhanced removal of chlorophyll from added Hardwood Carbon.
  • Fast filtering characteristics, including long filtration cycles and less pressure build up at cycle end.

FDA GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) -  This product is safe for processing food, as long as its not part of the end product being consumed. NSF- HACCP *Prior to down packing this product was certified Kosher & Hallal. It does not retain its certifications after down packing, BVV™ doesn't have an on staff Rabbi or Imam on site to re-establish religious certifications for this product. ph.: 3.0

BVV™ Color Bleach  SDS

BVV™ Color Bleach Results Test

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  • 5
    Works great on trim/shake!

    Posted by kiekoslabs on Jun 14th 2019

    This has been amazing at making clear xxxxx xxxx from shake/trim that would otherwise come out as dark and unpleasant tasting. Terps are allowed through, as are much of the xxxxxxxx , so it tastes as good as that of made from good plants. Great way to turn your waste trim into golden clear goodness.